About Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson Consultant – A Brief Profile

I am a consultant specialising entirely in mail order and e-commerce. I have held senior positions in the mail order industry since joining Fine Art Developments in 1981. After a career working for mail order companies and consultancies I became an independant consultant and founded the Catalogue Consultancy in 1998.

I work in two areas, consultancy and training. My consultancy clients include mail order companies (selling products as diverse as computer software and shoes), Royal Mail, advertising agencies and venture capital companies for whom I carry out due diligence. I have conducted training for CatEx,the University of Bristol, Royal Mail and the Synergy Partnership as well as running my own seminars. I am a Royal Mail/Institute of Direct Marketing senior consultant.

I write in industry media and present at conferences both in the UK and abroad. I have been a frequent judge on the ECMOD Catalogue and e-commerce Awards panel and have chaired the awards many times.

I am a member of the CatEx advisory board

To find out more email Andrew Wilson on aw@catalogueconsultancy.com.