Andrew Wilson – Catalogue Consultant

I started my catalogue career back in the early 1980s. I started out as a brand manager for a single catalogue and based on the success of that one ended up with responsibility for the marketing of around 20 catalogue brands.

Since that time I have worked with catalogue companies without interruption both as a client and as a catalogue consultant.

In the beginning my work was mainly about optimising catalogue performance. I dealt with classic catalogue marketing and became an expert on subjects such as copy structure, how typography could affect catalogue performance, the benefits of getting catalogue pagination right and even more arcane catalogue knowledge. Allied to this I produced catalogue distribution plans that increased profits and built customer bases.

Since the middle to late nineties catalogues have become part of a much greater whole. The advent of online trading has changed the way that catalogues are used and viewed. They are no longer the end all and be all of selling to your customers at a distance but they still have their part to play.

My work now involves working with direct commerce and omni-channel companies across all their channels not just catalogues. I help them maximise the value of all their vehicles and coordinate cross channel activity. I am still a great catalogue advocate for certain types of company. Recently I have had a great deal of success with helping internet only and traditional retailers launch catalogues to extend their brand reach.

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