We’re a small company/start-up – isn’t consultancy expensive?
Consultancy can seem expensive when you’re first starting out but it is often the time when you need it most. Consultancy now can prevent hugely expensive mistakes and start your company out on the right path. Although the cost may seem high, if you work it out, a day’s consultancy only has to generate a few extra orders to pay for itself.

What will we get out of consultancy? Even a short series of consultancy days can bring great benefits to the company involved if they go into it with the right attitude. The trick is to let your consultant have as much information as you can about the performance and running of your company rather than get fixed on a particular aspect. If the consultancy brief is too narrow you may miss opportunities to make dramatic positive changes to your business and profitability. That said If you are absolutely certain that all you need is a catalogue critique, for instance, I will do my best for you with that brief.

What sort of projects do you undertake? Pretty much anything from a single day’s consultancy through to large, ongoing projects. I like variety in my life and find it keeps me interested and sharp. As long as the project is within my area of expertise and I don’t have a conflict of interest I’d be pleased to talk to you about it. For ideas on the kind of consultancy I offer click here

Can you give us the names of clients you have dealt with? The companies I have dealt with over the years can be found on my clients page. If you would like more detailed information about my style of consulting and the results I achieve then get in touch and I will give you a selection of clients who you can contact.

How can I keep informed about upcoming courses? Just email us at the address on this page and we will keep your details on file and send you details of new courses as they become available. Otherwise just check back here a couple of times a month.

If you’re so smart how come you’re not running a mail order company? Well, I have done the running the company thing and I like what I do now. That being said if the right type of opportunity came along I would probably think about it hard.