Andrew Wilson -Testimonials

“the best money we have ever spent!”

Chris Short
Managing Director
Really Linda Barker

“One thing you always need to check before appointing a catalogue consultant is that they have plenty of client-side experience.  Andrew Wilson has masses, having worked for a number of different catalogue companies.  I really rate his down-to-earth approach”

“There are very few good catalogue consultants in the UK and even fewer who have experience of merchandise selection, catalogue production and circulation management.  Andrew Wilson is one of the very best in the sector.  In fact, there are only two catalogue consultants that I am happy to recommend for B2C work in the UK and Andrew is one of them!”

“Andrew is a great all-rounder.  What his catalogue consultancy offers is plain-speaking, down-to-earth, no-nonsense advice that is eminently practical.  I’ve had an opportunity to compare the quality of his reports and business plans with those prepared by some of the big names in the retail sector – the sort of firms who call themselves ‘ multi-channel marketing consultancies.’    In my view, the quality of Andrew’s work is twice as good, yet his rates are often a fraction of the fee that the big firms  would charge.”

Nigel Swabey
Scotts of Stow

Dear Andrew

Just a few words to thank you for your help recently, without it, we would not now be in business. Your advice and suggestions have made a massive difference to us, and made us realise how much there is to know in mail order.

What was most refreshing, is that your advice given to us in our hour of need, before we ever officially booked you has definitely put us back on track. Our thoughts about could we afford to actually book you have changed to could we afford NOT to book you,

Thanks for everything



Lionel Partridge
Panache Mail Order Ltd


“…the best one day course I have ever attended…”

Adriaan Posthuma