Catalogue Futures Workshop

New for 2016!

The Catalogue Futures Workshop has been devised to help practitioners take advantage of the new possibilities the multi-channel era holds for the catalogue. As the role of the catalogue changes to one which  as a brand ambassador and a generator of traffic to other channels (as well as creating its own sales) there is a need to re-address the way the catalogue is created and compiled. This full day workshop will help you define the format, role and purpose of your catalogue for the future. The topics covered are:

  • Catalogue circulation
  • Creative and production insights
  • Selection of brand-appropriate paper
  • Styling and creative treatments
  • Developing compelling shoppable pages
  • Leveraging the heritage of, and story of the brand
  • Evolving deeply appropriate compelling content to satisfy the customers’ thirst for more knowledge
  • Content – let’s get selling:
  •  Important conversion lifters
  • How much copy should the catalogue spread include
  • Developing promotions which are brand-appropriate & how to use them
  • Creating a compelling yet well organised “page-turner”
  • Content – let’s add depth and value:
  • Finding the content to enhance your brand and promote use of your products
  • Developing unique content for appeal to your customers
  • Turning “Need to know information” into a reassuring sales assistant

Current Dates are

  • February 25th Bristol
  • March 10th Manchester
  • June 2nd London

Download a PDF of the full content of the Catalogue Futures Workshop or book with the Direct Commerce Association by calling 01271 855 545