Tailored In House Direct Commerce Training with Andrew Wilson

You can have a training course specially designed for your company. All you have to do is chat through your requirements with me and I will tailor a course specifically for your needs.

An in-house training session brings many advantages. Firstly the course content can be customised to suit your unique requirements. Secondly I can encourage your team to critique their output and activity based on the knowledge they have gained during the day. Thirdly it provides a forum for your team to discuss ideas and events outside the normal office environment with me acting as a mediator/facilitator

The cost is not prohibitive. Getting together your key team members for an in-house training day can actually work out cheaper than sending them to a full-price external course.

To give you an idea of the sort of content you can specify, here are a range of subjects that I regularly cover. The list is not exhaustive, although it may seem so, so if there are any subjects not mentioned here that you would like to cover in your training days please do ask.

Mail Order, e-commerce, Direct Commerce or Omni-Channel?

Companies describe themselves in many ways these days but one thing remains constant – the need to keep up with developing trends in your business sector. So whether you describe yourself as a traditional mail order business or as an omni-channel one, a one of a kind training day can bring great benefits to your company and colleagues.

The benefits of training days can be so much more than the information given and absorbed. Days out of the office environment with a skilled facilitator can lead to your staff having insights and coming up with great ideas to improve your business. The days give the opportunity for everyone to take a step back and view the business with a new perspective. Very often there is a huge upshift of enthusiasm and creativity within the company team.

Training Subjects

added ‘extras’ that make your catalogue work harder
authority: what it is and how to get some
avoiding abandoned baskets
briefing creative
building your brand online and offline
choosing the right formats for the best effect
creating and evolving your brand identity
crucial contents of the mailing pack
customer recruitment and retention
developing customers online
eye tracking
finding the right ‘voice’ to suit your customers
five ‘must haves’ for any transactional website
gaining the customer’s trust
housefile analysis and segmentation
how to make best use of your ‘hot’ pages
how to present your catalogue to the customer
how to put the product offer together
how to recruit customers online
how to sell on the internet
how to stay in stock
how to successfully present a product
increasing customer value
increasing your basket size
key elements of effective design
key performance indicators
knowing how to sell a product on your website
layout techniques that increase sales
making the best use of print and personalisation
m-commerce and its place in direct commerce
non verbal communication and how to benefit from it
online and offline mailing strategies
other techniques
pay per click
product selection
promotions and how to communicate them
pros and cons of different design styles
range planning
secrets of effective copy
social media
tailoring communications to suit your purpose
the do’s and don’ts of great product shots
the needs and wants of the mail order customer
trade secrets of successful pack design
using customer data to drive your creative
using the catalogue format to best advantage
what customers look for when they visit your site
what promotions to use to what effect
what technology can add
what the customer looks for in a catalogue
what’s working on the web and what’s not
where to put what in your catalogue